The Promise Of CBD Treatment For Drug Withdrawal

Every year, there are many successful experiments and results in curing a certain type of diseases. It is because of these research facilities that we are able to come up with solutions and curable methods. In medical field, they call it a breakthrough. These breakthroughs are what keep us alive. Without these innovators, we cannot achieve a technology that could sustain life.

CBD OrCannabidiol

Recently, Television stations and documentaries are showing this new type of treatment. Of course, some would be hesitant because it came from the leaves of Marijuana. That is why, we should be enlightened that CBD didn’t come from a drug, but medically speaking, it came from a medical drug using medical cannabis. Watching these videos is not to promote the use of drugs or the benefit of this medical drug, but they documented the successful treatment of using medical cannabis. Who would have thought that a certain drug could cure many diseases, drug withdrawal, and even the rare illnesses for that matter?

In fact, studies suggested that CBD was proven beneficial against pain, arthritis, inflammation and even anxiety that were conducted in animals. Seizure is one of the illnesses that have been successfully treated. Seizures that was associated with pediatric epilepsy. CBD is also used in addressing patients with sleep disorder such as insomnia. In recent studies, it shown that it could help patient in both staying asleep and falling asleep.

Drug Addiction

Another breakthrough was conducted and CBD Treatment was tested to curbed cravings in patients with drug dependence, like the opioid. To grasp this subject, we must know what and how addiction occurs. Addiction alters the typical human behaviors.

Our brain in particular, is critical in controlling the perception of pleasurable activities that is susceptible to the influence of addictive drugs. Addiction occurs when you have the pursuit of being “high” in association to drugs.

In an experiment conducted in 2009, an initial study implicated that the use of CBD in humans when co-administered with fentanyl is found to be safe. And in 2015 report, a double-blind study was conducted in opioid dependent patients found out that a single dose of CBD decreased cue-induced cravings of opioids and feelings of anxiety. And in a study last 2019, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved that it aids in drug withdrawal following a report in reducing the blood levels of cortisol, a hormone known to increase when in stress and anxiety.