The Supplements Every Adult Should Consider Taking

There is no such thing as complete multi-vitamin supplement even if some drug declares them to be. There may be is but is it the right amount one needed? These vitamins and nutrients are needed to unlock the key to achieving the “pink of health” as most of us attains. To achieve a complete intake of the needed vitamins and nutrients, we should be enjoying a complete meal full of superfoods, it should be nutrient-filled with the right amount of combination to create a savory meal and lastly, the right way of cooking it that it wouldn’t lose all the nutrient it contains. In short, its inefficient and impractical to ingest all the needed good stuff the body needs if gotten from food alone. That’s why we have supplements.

As we age, the body also degenerates. We are more prone to illness at this agecompared when we were young. To combat possible illnesses that relates to aging, we have listed 8 supplements an adult should considerably be taking:

1. Omega-3 Fatty Acids – as we age, we become more prone to heart diseases due to the saturated foods we eat. This acid helps control and manage heart diseases by lowering blood pressure.

2. Calcium – bones gets brittle as time goes by that’s why many bone-related injuries occur more often to the elderly, a good reason that we have to maintain good calcium levels to protect our bones. For some people having trouble drinking milk, calcium supplements should be the best way to go.

3. Vitamin D – to help the bones store calcium, we need this supplementary vitamin to enhance the body’s absorption of calcium.

4. Vitamin B-12 – taking this helps you attain healthy blood for a stronger immune system, as well as the fact that it doesn’t stay long in the body. 

5. Vitamin C –being a water soluble nutrient, this vitamin can go a long way in your system by helping protect cells from damage and in the long run, strengthen your body’s natural defense.

6. Cannabidiol – growing older, we can experience unexplainable joint pains, anxiety, memory loss, and cognition deficiency. Cannabidiol or simply CBD alleviates these symptoms and can be taken in multiple and fun ways. However, do check with your local state about the legality of CBD.

7. Zinc –have you noticed that your wound takes ages to heal? A big reason why you need this nutrient aside from keeping bacteria and viruses off our system, it has the ability to heal wounds from those little accidents we encounter.

8. Iron –being one of the most important element in our blood, a good source of Iron benefits us by carrying oxygen to our lungs, without it, heart problems such as rapid or irregular heartbeat may lead to an enlarged heart . Along with thesesupplements, one should also take care not just the inner side but also the sensible side such as mindfulness, proper exercise, and a good amount of social connection to achieve not just a healthy life, but a happy life.